Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lea Salonga's half gay brod in "Thank You Girls"


I just read this article regarding Lea and Gerard Salonga's half brother Jeff Salonga or known as Gie Salonga now. Gie is 34 years old and he is gay. He is part of the indie film entitled "Thank You Girls". Lea and Gerard has been supportive of him and he has been acknowledged by the Salonga's as their half brother. It is not a surprise that he is also in the same industry as Lea and Gerard. "Thank You Girls" is about a group of gay friends who is joining a gay beauty pageant in Davao City. Gie auditioned fot his role as Allyson but he is a regular performer in comedy bars. He went to Ateneo for his high school and finished Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines. "Thank You Girls" will open in Robinson's Galleria on September 24.


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marites1034 Thursday, September 04, 2008

naku, girl..hindi ko alam yan ha and to think, Thank you Girls is being done in Davao, my city. That's quite interesting. I have just seen Cinderella sa CCP ang galing talaga ni Lea. Walang mantsa ang boses.

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