Monday, August 4, 2008

Big Money for Angelina-Brad twins


Here is the first photo of Brad and Angelina with the twins on the cover of People's magazine. It cost $14 million for people magazine to get these photos. The twins are named Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline (marcheline is angelina's mom name). They were born July 12 in France, making the family with 6 kids - big sisters, shiloh and zahara and brothers maddox and pax. The couple also had sold Shiloh's first pictures after she was born with People Magazine for $4. What is nice about this celebrity couple is that whatever money they make by selling their baby photos are all donated to their favorite charities and to people who really need the money.


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fab Monday, August 04, 2008

yes it's a good thing they give it all to charity! gosh, these kids are going to be very beautiful looking people when they grow up..just like their mom and dad.

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