Friday, January 20, 2012



Last night, I and the husband were watching a home and garden show where two cousins did a kitchen makeover in the home of a restaurant owner in Hoboken, New Jersey. Of course we know where Hoboken is and how beautiful is that town. If you have visitors coming over to see New York or New Jersey, you have to bring them to Hoboken to see the view of NYC across the river. It is a beautiful town to walk around, dine and go clubbing.

On that show we were watching last night, some parts of Hoboken were also featured. We right away missed the place. Last time we were there was about four years ago. We want to go again when the weather gets warmer to try Café Michelina, a casual Italian restaurant located on 423 Bloomfield Street in Hoboken. I already downloaded the cafe Michelina menu so I know what to order before we even get there. By the way, they also deliver and you can order your food online at If you live in the area and happens to be in the mood for Chinese food, Precious Hoboken NJ located at 128 Washington St #1 is very accessible for takeout and delivery orders. They are open seven days a week and closes late at 10:30 p.m. Thanks for the local SEO in NJ, making our internet search so easy.

It is about time we should be back in Hoboken. See you soon.


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