Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday at Fridays


It used to be Fridays every TGIF but we have not been going that often anymore. Those were the days when we were still not watching what we eat and counting on cholesterol. lol. But, last night was a treat, to save me from not cooking and rest early for hubby because he is going to work at midnight.

Daughter had the classic buffalo wings. It was not spicy for her at all. Served with celery and blu cheese.

I had this Bruschetta Chicken Pasta made of muti grain angel hair pasta with bruschetta marinara, garlic basil and tomatoes topped with sliced grilled chicken. The black sauce is balsamic glazed with some parmesan cheese. This is a healthy dish, so filling and the grilled chicken alone can make you full.

Hubby had fridays burger made of 100% angus beef with sides of french fries


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