Monday, April 13, 2009

You Are Safe With Protect America


This April is my anniversary month at my job. If I remember it correctly I think I started on the 22nd of April. I do not know what is in store for me on my anniversary. Since I started seven years ago at this job, I have heard a lot of stories but nothing really scary. I specifically said scary because we have one of the oldest offices in the industrial zone. I have experienced being alone at the office for several hours at night but I am more scared of the living than anybody else. As long as the wireless security system is on and I am inside the building, there is nothing to be afraid of.

wireless security system is newly installed by Protect America. Although our building is quite old, our security system is a state of the art. I think my boss got the Gold Package to cover all the entry points at the office and warehouse, plus a talking control panel, a backup battery if we lose power and a lot more. There are several sensors installed inside and outside the building plus the 24/7 alarm monitoring service. The one who is in charge with security always make sure he enters the code correctly although he has faulted several times but he was able to cancel the alarm before the cops came. There are several home or small business security package being offered by Protect America. If you are interested for your home or office, you can visit them at protect to get a free security quote or have a live chat with customer service or call this toll free number 877-470-2751 and you get two keychain remotes with your order.


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