Friday, April 17, 2009

Home Early


I left work early today. I was already home by 11 am. I took advantage of the beautiful weather. My car registered it at 70 degrees while driving home. My daughter was so happy to see mommy so early. Right away she put on her crocs and asked me to go outside. She played bubbles and rode her bike until papa came from tennis. Around 2pm, we went to pollo locco to eat then proceed to costco. Oh boy, we were able to buy ripe mangoes, like the mangoes we have in the philippines. They were so ssweeet! There were 6 in a pack for $5.99. All gone now and we are going back tomorrow to buy more. I forgot to take a picture before they all disappeared kaya kwento nalang. We got home around 6pm just in time to watch Saksi, all about the Failon case. This is a vey sad story. My condolences to the Failon family.

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Marites Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yes, I find the Failon case really tragic. The way police treated them is really unnerving.

Btw, I play tennis too but only on Sndays:)

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