Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter Sunday


How was your Easter? It was a busy day yesterday for my daughter. We all woke up very early. My husband has a tennis game at 9 a.m. and he only eats a power bar before a game so after he left me and the daughter decided to find a place for bagel. Almost all the shops were closed except for mc Donald’s. We decided to eat our breakfast there and when she saw the play land my daughter begged if she could play a little bit. It was almost noon when we got home. We just waited for her dad before we grab something to eat for lunch.

I thought we will still have our nap time before we go for an Easter dinner at my in laws. When my daughter saw the Easter basket I have been hiding from her, she right away opened it and checked all the goodies she had. We forgot about nap time anymore. She started decorating her chocolate Easter egg while I bake some chocolate chip cookies that we have to bring last night. She also got a cd containing
150 Fun Songs For Kids that my husband bought for her. Now, you can guess what was playing inside the car on our way to dinner, right? It was a good Easter dinner seeing some relatives at the party. Our night ended pretty late but we had fun. I am the only one who has to work today; they are all home for spring break. Sigh.



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