Friday, April 17, 2009

Fancy Dress For Graduation


The school is almost over. Last Friday, the teachers had a short talk with the parents regarding the kid’s commencement exercises this coming June. They also showed us the fancy dress that they need for the presentation pre-k students are preparing. It has been agreed upon that they will just order online all the costumes for the kids.

This graduation is the last time that all of them will be together. Although all students live at the same town, not everybody is going to the same school for kindergarten. There are three schools in my town that offers kindergarten and the kids will be assigned to the school based on where you live. My daughter will be transferring to the school closer to our house together with almost half of her classmates. This will be another adjustment for her being full day in school this time but I am happy that she will still be with some of her friends from the other school.

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Grampy Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Grand Daughter will be going to school in the fall. It is exciting and scarey at the same time. I will most likely be taking her back and forth. I am the retired guy. My wife babysits for her while her daughter works.
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