Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Virtual Dating


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I work in a company where there are more men than women. I heard men stories all the time especially during breaks at our lunch room. Do not get me wrong, all my co-workers treat us with respect but sometimes when they all get together they cannot help share stories that sometimes women are not supposed to hear. Today at lunch break, one gentleman was sharing his experience about virtual dating. He is our IT guy, so what do you expect from a guy like him? He is online always; from his desktop, to his notebook then to his iPhone. Now, he is trying to find a partner through, an online dating with a twist. To be a member, there is no long forms and surveys to be filled out anymore. This is what you call virtual dating. First, you get to know your future partner by going to a virtual cafĂ© or bar, play “get to know me” games like Love Match, go chat, create a fun 3D avatar that looks and dresses like you and make your 3D avatar flirt to your date’s avatar. Wow, this is a fun way of getting to know your partner without spending money. Virtual dating also helps you avoid disappointment because you take your time in knowing one another before meeting face to face.

It was actually my first time to hear about virtual dating. Welcome to the world of technology and internet. Are you interested in trying it? According to a Harvard study in 2006 "Virtual dates cause individuals to develop greater affinity toward one another when they actually meet." The new cutting edge is interactive, virtual dating." This has been featured on msnbc, fox news, E, discovery channel, etc. If you are single, why do not you check it out and register at and when you upload a picture to your profile you get 3months free!!! Good luck, you may get your perfect match through virtual dating.

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