Thursday, July 8, 2010

Strawberry Picking


This is a late post about our strawberry picking. We went to Donaldson farm in New Jersey. It's is about an hour away from our place. We got to the farm early anticipating the traffic on Memorial day weekend.

The farm is huge and all you see are rows of strawberry plants. As you get to the farm market, you can buy a box for $1. You will use this box to place the strawberries you picked. There were also smaller containers for $.50.

Our halfway filled box. This is the one dollar box they sold to us excluding the contents. The weather was nice and breezy; it was perfect to be outside.

A closer at the strawberry plants full of ripe strawberries ready for picking. They are vine plants that crawl on the ground like bean plants. The fruits sit on a black plastic bags they placed on the ground like a blanket underneath the plants.

Now it's weighing time. You pay for everything you pick but you can eat all you want while picking the strawberries. The per pound price is $2.99. It is a dollar more when you buy from the supermarket. You may say, just buy it from the store then but the experience of picking fresh strawberries is worth more than the dollar difference.

This is a picture of the farmer's market where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables picked from the farm. They also have plants and baked goods for sale.

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Tita Beng Friday, July 09, 2010

My mouth waters by looking at these luscious strawberries. I remember having the same exciting strawberry fruit picking in La Trinidad, Benguet. Really sweet berries!

Jen Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We have strawberry farms here in the Baguio.I enjoyed picking the fruit too.

Kerslyn Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mommy A! musta?

wow, strawberries. Gustong-gusto ko yan tingnan sa photo.hehehe. medyo ignorante ako sa strawberry kasi walang ganyan dito sa Davao.hehehe. those plastic sheets are called mulch sheets Mommy. isa yan sa mga products namin sa 2nd job ko at nakakarating ng Hawaii yung mulch sheets namin order daw ng Dole. meron din ung isang side blue or red tapos yung kabila black. yung red daw ginagamit sa strewberry fields para mas lalo raw mag-red ang fruits dahil dun sa reflection ng color sa fruit. :-)

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