Friday, July 23, 2010

50% Off Appetizers At Applebees


A new branch of Applebees in our town opened last monday July 19. We went to check out the place on its opening day. We are frequent customers of Applebees and our favorite is the 50% off appetizers from 10 pm up to closing everyday. Yes, no exception - all appetizers are 50%!!!!! Every dish is only around $4!

We ordered the chicken quesadilla, buffalo wings, mozerrala sticks and chilli cheese nachos. I tell you, our bill was only less than $20!!!! and we had so much to take home. The chilli cheese nachos was grande...we tried to finish it first but so filling that we did not finish the rest of our orders. For sure, we will be back soon.

Applebees 50% appetizers in the best!


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