Monday, October 12, 2009

Cape Cod Note Cards


In the world of computers and internet, there are traditions that have been taken for granted. Do you still give birthday, Christmas or get well soon cards to your friends or loved ones? To be honest, I am one guilty person. Not much with giving of Christmas cards but with birthdays I just do my greetings electronically.

Why am I on reality check all of a sudden? Because of the card I received from my friend who was in Cape Cod for a vacation. It is a photo card by
Note Card Artist named Fletcher Boland featuring the natural beauty of Cape Cod with her personalized handwritten notes. Fletcher Boland is an independent artist, photographer and a trained sculptor who lives and works at Somerville, Massachusettes. He is an artist who loves to travel and on his Cape Cod Note Cards, he is able to share the amazing places he has been to. Boland has created a name in his own field as shown by the awards and recognition he has received. In 2008, he sold in Juried Auction at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and was a file magazine contributor. This year, he was selected for ArtMarket Boston and featured in Best Photography Annual. Since he started concentrating on photography, he already had numerous shows and a solo one this year.

Check out these beautiful note cards or read the
Note Card Artist Blog at The cards are printed on an extremely high quality paper using a mix of nine inks that could last for 100 years. I am sure this card I got will surely last a lifetime.


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