Friday, October 23, 2009

Anytime Movies At Charter On Demand



Thank god it’s Friday. It has been a very busy week for me. I thought I can come home early and pick up my daughter from school today but I just cannot leave my work unfinished. I had to stay a little bit late. I have no plans this weekend except to go food shopping. Other than that I just want to rest and do a movie marathon. I already missed a lot of shows this week.

I am so happy that we switched to Charter digital. The charter on demand has saved us a lot of money. First, I canceled my movie rentals through mail and no more trips to the local movie store nearby. With the on demand, I can watch my missed shows anytime I want to. And, it is for free. Now I don’t have to adjust to the TV schedule because I can watch my favorite TV shows during my own free time. This will also eliminate the conflict among my husband, me and our daughter as to what show to watch on TV.

This weekend I will also check my Facebook page and be a fan of Charter. By becoming a fan I would be able to
get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page. If you do not have a facebook account, you can still learn more at

Have you switched to Charter yet? Do it now and enjoy the fun.


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Romancing Italy Sunday, October 25, 2009

When I was in the States I had On Demand TV and I can't tell you how much I miss it!!!!! Maybe Italy will catch up within the next century :-l

Kerslyn Monday, October 26, 2009

galing naman nyan...sana may ganyan din dito sa Pinas para d na ako nasasayangan kapag may nami-miss akong teleserye dahil sa kakaliwaliw.hahaha

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