Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beads Of Cambay


The last time I went home to Manila, I bought a lot of our local beads as gifts to my friends here. I love jewelry but I was not into fashion jewelry like beads and gemstones. After having been to a lot of stores selling beads, I have discovered how beautiful and trendy they are. So when I got back here, I started buying beads for me and it has become a habit to check beads when I go shopping. Even a clothing store has a section for fashion jewelry that would go with different style of clothes. Now I could say, I learned to love beads. I could wear an ordinary jeans and shirt and just accessorize my outfit with a bead necklace and what a transformation it does.

I have been buying my beads from regular stores in the malls and they are not cheap. I try to learn to make my own beads to save money since I came across Beads Of Cambay, an online store that carries a big beads inventory of different stones, colors and shapes. If you are a jewelry designer or artistic enough to make your own jewelry, you can order Wholesale Beads & Gemstones from Beads of Cambay.

Shop with confidence at Beads of Cambay. You will be getting quality hand-selected beads and gemstones with excellent customer service from their professional staffs. A worry free shopping is guaranteed plus free shipping on all orders over $100 with in the U.S.


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