Monday, October 20, 2008

Meet Joe The Plummer


For the past week, I have heard a lot about Joe the Plummer. I do not follow the election campaign but yesterday while we were reading the Sunday paper at Panera bread during a bagel breakfast, papa showed to me two articles about Joe the Plummer. So here is the little that I know of Joe the plumber.

He is Joe Wurzelbacher of Ohio, a plumber, who wants to buy the plumbing business that currently employs him. He got the chance to speak with Sen. Barack Obama during one of his campaign appearance in Toledo, Ohio. Joe the Plummer asked told Obama of his plan of buying a plumbing business but with his tax plan it seems that he would be paying much higher taxes. Instantly, this became a battle cry against Obama by the opponent (McCain’s) especially during the third presidential debate.

Joe the Plummer became an instant star and even all the joe the plumbers who are really not Joe Wurzelbacher. One Joe (Joe Francis of Amarillo, Texas) who is also a plumber owns website is being bombarded by phone calls, calls for interviews, requests to be in a talk show and even an offer from New York to buy his domain for $900,000. Another Joe (Joe Griesbach) is from Cape May, New Jersey. He drives a van with his name “Plumber Joe” on it. He has been signing autographs and television interviews since Wednesday night’s debate where they all became a household name and famous. He said motorists saluted at him or honked their horns when they see him driving on the road.

To all the Joe the Plumbers out there enjoy the stardom, and good luck. Hope I meet one of you someday.

Sources: npr.orr/ record

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torasham Wednesday, October 22, 2008

he was dare to speak...
salute to him

Ylan Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hi Alf,
I just figure out, shimumsy and alf is the same :)
hello there :)

Jerla Oh lalala Wednesday, October 22, 2008

heheh lamat ayo.... mao ni akong email jerlalou2000 at yahoo dot com lamat daan... nkakita ka atong akong post sa lain nkong blog? kani oh

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