Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Change the Way You Fly Through Air New Zealand


We are a family that loves to travel. We love seeing new places and meeting new people. My husband, before he migrated here in the U.S. he was living in Australia for so many years. He has never been back there to visit his friends although they have been in touch with each other through emails and phone calls. Next year, we have plans of going home to the Philippines and at the same time we are planning to make a side trip first to Australia and New Zealand. I saw an add of a domestic and international airline with services within New Zealand and Australia as well as South West Pacific, Asia, North America and United Kingdom, having new promotions, hot deals and special offers to travelers. We are interested in one of their fare deals to Australia and Asia.

Have you heard their unique way of promoting the airline’s service? Air New Zealand will be selecting 30 adults to be shaved and tattooed and be a cranial billboard as part of their marketing campaign promoting life changing journeys to New Zealand. Wow, life-changing journeys? I think New Zealand has so much to offer to visitors, something that can be treasured forever. We always get excited every time we hear so much about down under.

Hey, do you think my husband’s head can be a good candidate for Air New Zealand’s cranial billboard? His head is sexy, almost bald and perfect for your add “Need a Change? Head down to New Zealand.”



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