Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Love Birds


When I was still living in the Philippines, we have a tree right by my bedroom window. I wake up every morning with birds making their sounds up the tree. It is their wake up time too. The whole day they are out but once the sun goes down they whole flock will come home on that same tree. You will hear the same noise then it gets quite. You know that they are already sleeping when they stop making noise. I got so fascinated with birds that my mom has bought 4 lovebirds and a birdcage for me. I love feeding them through the makeshift feeder that my brother has made. He has placed two long water hoses that extends outside the birdcage where I can put the bird seeds and water. This way I do not waste their food because it shoots right on their platter. This is the primitive way of feeding birds. I wish we had one of those beautiful birdfeeders that are available on This one is my pick:

It is called Birdscapes Garden Sip and Seed birdfeeder. It allows you to provide your birds with food and water. It can handle up to 1.15 lbs. of seeds and 27 oz. of water. I like the simple but elegant double silo design and it is made of durable plastic and antiqued copper finish. Now I am thinking of having birds in our backyard come spring time so that my daughter will have fun feeding them. I am very sure she would love to have birds at home.

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