Sunday, September 14, 2008

The My.Suit Experience



Two weeks ago, I remembered my husband telling me that we got invited to his friend’s wedding in Jersey City. I did not pay much attention to it and he never mentioned it again. I totally forgot about it until today while having breakfast he asked me if whether we just give peter (his friend) a gift that we like or pick one from their registry or just cash. My eyes grew big and said to him, “When is the wedding?” He went to the car a get the invitation. It will be on Sept. 28th! It was almost 10 am so we went straight to the mall to find a suit for him. We did not find anything that he likes, it’s either too big or no size available or he does not like the style. I called my cousin from Brooklyn because he is like my husband’s built if I he has an available suit we can borrow. He recommended located in 33rd and Broadway if we want to have a custom suit and they can have one ready for you in two weeks. Yes, my cousin was right. We found a solution to this suit problem. My Suit NY is the best, they pay so much attention to all the details. They will make around 30 measurements on you to make sure the suit will perfectly fit your body style – it’s made-to-measure just for my husband. He is so picky with the fitting so this is just what he wanted. After all the measurements, you pick your own style for the jacket and pants. Just tell the consultant what suit style you want and they can personalize everything for you. Any kind of fabric you want for your suit, My Suit NY has it.
So ladies, this is good news for us. Don’t let some surprises like this one ruin your day. I knew how frustrating it is when you need something right away and you can’t seem to find it at the mall. But hey, if it’s your about
mens’ suit, have it Made to measure at It will be ready for you in two weeks time and here is the best deal – their suits starts from $495 only. Go online now and have fun doing the my.suit experience.


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Unknown Monday, September 15, 2008

Ooop running out of time- good that there's a place where you can have his suit customized;)
By the way, girl my Life and Me blog is not working. I have a new place now - hope u can add me up.

Oh and by the way ,you've been Tagged! I want to see what you, an intelligent woman and wife, have in your handbag or purse.Nosey eh? Hehe! Details about it could be found here

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