Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Boudiche Feminine Store



Shopping is a girl's best friend. To others, to go shopping is like a theraphy which is always needed to get better. For me, when I shop for my clothes, I am not picky or have a favorite store. I can shop anywhere as long as I see something that I like and comfortable to me. Through the years and having a family of my own, I became conscious of prices every time I shop for my clothes.
There has been a difference with my habit of shopping for clothes and shopping for my lingeries. I have been a loyal customer to one
Lingerie store named Boudiche. It is a lingerie store based in the United Kingdom but readily available online for their international market. When one of my friends still lives in the U.K. she gifted me a Freya antoinette balcony bra barely there and I have loved the fitting and shape. This started my likeness to this Freya Lingerie. I have a good recommendation for you ladies out there. I am more into bikinis than any other types of panties except when there is a need to wear a thong when I am wearing light colored tight pants or shorts. Try Fayreform pigment brief crafted from a luxurious black satin with silver diamond print. It is simple black but the silver diamond print made it so pretty and flirty.
Boudiche is not only a store for bras and
Designer Lingerie but they also have swimwears, maternity lingeries, camisoles, nightwear, hosiery and a lot more feminine stuffs. This is a store that every woman will really fall in love with. Intimacy can start from Boudiche.


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