Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chinese Made Cadbury Chocolates Recalled


Because of the melanine scare, Cadbury has recalled 11 of its chocolate products that were made at their factory in Beijing. These chocolates are distributed in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia. A spokesman from the company said that these Chinese made chocolates contain the industrial chemical melanine. This food safety scandal of China started when they discovered melanine in baby milk powder which has caused several deaths and other illness to thousands of babies. Melanine is a chemical use to make plastics and fertilizers, rich in nitrogen, found to have been used on baby milk to deceive quality tests for protein.

There are still a lot of food products they say that has been contaminated or allegedly contaminated with melanine, I have received an email too of the lists. Let us just be aware of what we eat and be on the lookout always. Everything is under investigation now or being tested. If in doubt, do not eat or do not let our kids eat. Better be safe than sorry.

Cadbury chocolates are on of my favorites (sigh!).


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Marites Sunday, October 05, 2008

I have been suspecting something's going on with Cadbury since late last year when they put on sale lots of Cadbury chocolates in the market. At first, me and my friends were ecstatic about it but as I realized later on, i got suspicious and what do you know, we now have news that cadbury chocos have melamine. yaikks! too bad, cadburys were my fave.

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