Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy For Her


I am referring to our receptionist in the office. She is not a direct hire by the company. My boss got her from a temp agency when the former receptionist came to work that day just to tender her resignation and left. There was no two week notice at all. I was not sure if the two week notice is required for all employment contracts but it is only proper to give your employer the chance to hire a replacement before you leave. I understand if some type of misunderstanding happened at the office that made you quit your job, but none. So to cover her job immediately, we had to call a temp agency.

That is how our current receptionist got into the picture. She is a working student, very polite and articulate when she talks to customers on the phone. My boss right away liked her job attitude. Yesterday marked her 6th month in the office. My boss surprised her by hiring her as the receptionist permanently. She did not expect it. She was all smiles when she left my bosses' office so we knew right away it was good news. We are all happy for her as well.


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