Monday, October 18, 2010

Easy, Safe and Convenient


I work in a billing department of a distributor. Although we are a distributor, we still sell some items over the counter inside our warehouse. Since we started 3 years ago, most of our sales are cash but as the years go by, we saw the demand of using credit cards from customers. Likewise, we also started purchasing our supplies using the company credit card. The management decided to open merchant accounts to give our customer convenience in making payments. Of course we have to negotiate for cheaper transaction rates from different card companies. If you are a company that needs assistance in securing lower rates, ACM Merchant can be of service to your company to get a contract that your business needs. Every business deserves the best credit card processing service that is available to make your business accessible to customers.

Our sales have gone up since we started accepting credit card payments. Not only it created more sales but it more secure and convenient.

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