Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Phone Call From A Friend


The guy that used to work in our warehouse called this morning to give us an update of his new job. He has been my co-worker for about 10 years. His father works here and that is the reason why he got his former job until he got an offer from a big car rental company. He is a person who has a passion for cars. When he was still working here, everybody was telling that he is in a wrong job. Finally he found a job that he really likes most. He was hired as a mechanic of the rental company along with a good pay and I guess better environment. He told us that his first day was spent watching videos about his new company then he was asked to install tire chains on some of their vehicles then by next week he will be sent to a technical school to get certified.

We are all happy where he is right now. His father is by his lonesome self driving 50 miles everyday to and from work. This used to be a father and son team but now no more.

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