Saturday, May 24, 2008

sarah jessica parker clothes


Sarah Jessica Parker, the star of Sex and the City tv show and movie is launching her own clothing line called "Bitten". She has signed an exclusive deal with Steve & Barry's to sell her clothes and it will be launched nationawide this coming June. You may think that because it's Jessica's clothes it will be expensive, no it's not. The prices will cost less than $20 - price range from $7.98 to $19.98. She wants people to be able to wear great clothes but not feeling guilty of buying it. Steve & Barry is known for selling clothes and accessories not over $20 with the philosophy of selling quality merchandise at the lowest possible price. They are all over U.S. Bitten will have 500 clothing items and accessories from shirts, jeans, dresses, lingeries, jewelries and shoes. You can visit her clothing line at (logo is from her website) and at Steve & Barry's stores where it is currently available.

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> Vanny Monday, May 26, 2008

wow! looove jessica parker a lot in sex and the city. made me imagine myself wearing the clothes she's wearing in that series. hehe

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