Monday, January 25, 2010

Is Eating Tuna Allowed During Pregnancy?


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When I was pregnant with my daughter, I do not remember my doctor prohibiting me from eating tuna. I know he told me not to eat raw food but not any particular seafood. Tuna being one of our favorites, I am very sure that I have eaten tuna when I was pregnant. One reason why pregnant women are scared to eat tuna is because of its mercury content but the seafood industry contends that by not letting pregnant women eat tuna during pregnancy, they are depriving their children of important nutrients. More information about the benefits of eating healthy tuna can be found here.

In our household, tuna is a favorite. We have learned to lessen our intake of pork and we focus more on seafood and chicken. I always have tuna salad at home; perfect for my lunch and snack when traveling. I use canned tuna in water mixed it with light mayo, a little mustard, finely chopped onions and lettuce. I usually have tuna salad on a hard roll or wheat bread with some potato chips or eat it with my favorite crackers and iced tea. This is already my lunch when I am working. It is light and healthy. I can eat my favorite tuna everyday with no guilt.

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got mercury Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An easy way to estimate your mercury exposure from eating tuna is to check out the free online mercury calculator at Based on the current U.S. EPA and FDA guidelines, the mercury calculator is an excellent way to know your potential mercury exposure risk. You can also use the free mobile mercury calculator for cell phone browsers

Tita Beng Saturday, January 30, 2010

I wonder how high is the risk of getting mercury with eating tuna belly most of the time. It's our fave here pa naman. Ang sarap kasi e!

Good to know you like fish kilawin too! Fave naman yun ni hubs.

May snow pa ba kayo dyan?

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