Monday, November 9, 2009

Queen Torrent


I am a person that loves to listen to music while working. I always listen to different radio stations online to listen to different music but I do not think I will be doing this the whole time I am at the office anymore. All the employees have been asked to minimize streaming music because it slows down the server. This is actually not a big problem with me because I can always use my ipod at work.

I was able to download a lot of songs to my ipod this weekend. I have been using the new search engine queen torrent every time I
download music online. This powerful search engine is very simple but give you thousands of results by just a simple search. Your search result gives you the different categories available and the size of the file. Other than music, I was able to download many games, free movies with no interruption or incomplete file. Try this new search engine at

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