Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Best Gift To Expectant Parents


Are you looking for a perfect gift this Christmas season for a friend or a family member? If you are familiar about stem cells, why not consider giving a gift certificate for cord blood banking from Cryo C'elle International. This can be also the best gift you can give to parents who are expecting a baby. The preservation of an infant’s cord blood gives the parents a health security and protection. Parents through Celle International are taught the value of cord blood preservation and how the u-cord blood stem cells are known to have treated more than 75 diseases and also used in more than 12,000 transplants world wide. Through C'elle’s exclusive and revolutionary service, the newborn’s umbilical cord blood are collected for future use. The stem cells found can be a treatment for yourself or possibly even a member of your family against a lot of life-affecting diseases. Through C'elle’s exclusive and revolutionary service, the newborn’s umbilical cord blood are collected and cryo-preserved or “frozen in time” for future use.

If you want to buy the Cryo C'elle cord blood bank gift certificates, they come in different denominations starting from $50. This Christmas, give a very unique gift that can protect the future health of your loved ones. For more information, visit or call 24/7 at 1-877-892-3553.

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supreet Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Becoming a mother is like your second birth and to be born is LUCK.. but living a secured life is like boon.. CORD BLOOD BANKING can be the other boon for your baby...My cousin sister is 6 months pregnant and I was searching best cord blood banking options provided by a private bank that can provide the best standardized services, promising in cord blood collection, storage and preservation and transport services. I found Stem Cell Global Foundation’s cord blood banking services to be very promising one. Stem Cell treatment is very promising in giving A QUALITY LIFE to many patients ,if individual’s cord blood cells are preserved at the time of birth. So, I personally recommend this organization and For more information , Please visit website,

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