Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lightship Research


Since the unemployment rate has gone up, to look for a job becomes difficult these days. But have you heard about Lightship Research? They have a unique way of finding a job for you. They are referred as the reverse headhunters. They will look for people that are willing to hire you. Before checking them out, read R. Wilson’s testimonial about this company:
"This is the way to manage your career. I need to have these guys do a
search every year for me, even if I am not changing jobs just to do due
diligence on my career. I sold a specialty financial services firm to a money
center bank and wanted to replicate my job without making an investment.
Lightship Research helped me penetrate the
private equity world and get direct access to the Principals. They are a smart
and delightful group to deal with and I highly recommend them!"

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