Monday, April 21, 2008

The Pope's visit to the U.S.


Pope Benedict XVI has just finished his 6 day visit in the u.s. He was in washington, dc for the 3 days and another 3 days in new york. He made history when he visited a jewish synagogue in new york. Pope Benedict XVI also visited st. patrick’s cathedral, st. joseph’s church, held mass at the yankee stadium with close to 60,000 people, a motorcode on 5th avenue and a stopover at ground zero. He is well-loved, people are teary eyed just seeing the pope face to face. Some are very lucky to be able to kiss and shake his hands.

Security was tight for the duration of his visit. He was securely transported in his popemobile, a very unique car by mercedez with a 6 foot bullet proof glass enclosure at the back where the pope could sit comfortably while waiving at the crowd. This popemobile was shipped to the u.s. from rome two weeks before the pope’s arrival.

The pope left last night in his private plane before a crowd of 4000 at the airport’s hangar bidding goodbye to him. Thanks for the visit Pope Benedict XVI.

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