Wednesday, April 23, 2008

gabby concepcion now in manila


It is almost a month now since gabby concepcion arrived in manila after 13 years of living a private life in the united states. When he left, there were some profession and personal controversies left also. He was involved in the metro manila film fest fiasco which caused the drift between him and his manager lolit solis. It has been settled they said before he came home.

The good looks are still there, screaming fans everywhere and creating a stampede when he goes for tv appearances. That is not a surprise, he is gabo, the regal baby with that close-up smile.

It will be expected that he will be in the Philippines for at least 2 years being that he signed a 2 year contract with abs-cbn. He recently purchased a condominium in greenhills where he and his family will live as they come to join him soon. Also, one of the reasons why he decided to come home because he wants to spend time with his father, Rolly Concepcion, who is suffering from heart ailment. He wants to start a new life, get closure of whatever was left hanging and unanswered when he went to the u.s.. It is also time to start a relationship with his daughters KC (by Sharon cuneta) and Gabrielle “garie” (by Grace Ibuna). Cloie his daughter by Jenny Syquia is not based in the Philippines. He recently got married to Genevieve Yatco who is based in sf,ca and they have a 2 month old daughter named Samantha.

So there it is, Gabo is back in the limelight. In a few months from now, expect a blockbuster movie starring Gabby Concepcion.

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