Thursday, June 26, 2008

Be Smart on Car Repairs


On my first car, I always go to the dealer for any problems since I thought they are the only ones qualified to fix my car. Now that I am no longer a newbie with regards to dealing with car problems, I have my own regular mechanic and we just buy the parts. Recently , I brought to his attention a problem with my steering. He went to test drive my car and he just called to inform me that he ordered from Power Steering Pros a good quality power steering box that he needs for my car. Power Steering pros is an online store that also offers a wide selection of power steering rack and thousands of steering parts for any cars. He gave me the price and it was cheaper that what the dealer has quoted me and the order qualified for free shipping. I guess, I am being smart now with my car repairs. Any dollar save can be added to my gas money.

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Anonymous Thursday, June 26, 2008

hi sis thanks sa comment as in addict talaga kami dyan pati yung hand thing hahah

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Jade Thursday, June 26, 2008

I am not driving right now in Singapore coz I am freaked out with the driving they do here. It's kinda nerve wrecking to drive here - they drive like maniacs and I don't wanna add more maniacs in the road if I drive.

But I do agree we need to be smart especially if it costs money.Hope youu have a great week.

Oh and I have something for u in my blog...hope u don't mind.

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